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About Aspire Preschool

About Aspire Preschool

Aspire Preschool was created out of the necessity for preschool spaces for children who need extra support and early intervention services. We envisioned a program where all children could be well supported, and parents wouldn’t have to worry about their children being included.  In dreaming up this beautiful creation we went in search of a therapy model that could not only offer a typical preschool experience but also provide an intensive, research based, effective therapy approach.  And so… Aspire Preschool, based on the Early Start Denver Model, was born! We strive to provide neurodiversity-affirming therapy and programs where all children and families are included. 

Program Details

Aspire Preschool operates from the second week of September to the end of June, 4 days per week, Monday to Thursday.  There is the option to sign your child up for either the morning program (8:45am-11:15am) or afternoon program (12:00pm-2:30pm). 

Aspire clinicians will work with parents to determine which group is the best fit for their child.


Here is more information about the groups: 


Emergent Language Learners

Our Emergent Language Learners program runs Monday-Thursday 8:45am-11:15am and focuses on building early social, play and communication skills taught within the routines of a preschool program. Building interaction and early communication skills will be the focus.


Social Language Learners

Our Social Language Learners program runs Monday-Thursday, 12:00-2:30. Learners will practice social, communication and play skills within a preschool routine to support their transition to Kindergarten in the fall.

There will be a 2:1 ratio (children:adult), with a maximum of 10 children in the center at one time.  The clinicians have masters degrees and have been certified in ESDM.  They have trained all staff with a superior skillset that is assessed on a regular basis to ensure high fidelity.  This ensures that your child receives the best therapy and makes the quickest gains.


Data is collected frequently to ensure that rapid and continuous progress is being made.  Goals are developed based on continuous assessment and family input.  They are designed in steps, breaking down skills and teaching in increments, until mastery has been attained.  The goals will change every 12 weeks.

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