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Aspire Inclusion Support

If your child is already attending a preschool or childcare centre, we offer inclusion support for the child and staff at that preschool. In-person training, virtual workshops, and family meetings are available. Inclusion support packages are customizable. 

If you are a preschool or day-care provider, these programs can help build capacity in your staff and in your business.

Professional Development

Each month, your staff will receive a 1-hour professional development workshop on the Aspire Preschool inclusion model. Staff will learn how to best support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disorders in the classroom settings. Topics will include:

  • Sensory Social Routines: getting the child’s attention, 

  • Expanding communication skills

  • Using visual supports

  • Supporting Peer Interactions

Individualized Consultation Support

Staff directly working with child needing support will participate in the monthly staff professional development. One of our clinical staff will visit the classroom once per month, to give individualized training to the staff member on aspects of providing quality intervention. These include:

  • Management of child attention

  • Instructional techniques

  • Modulting child affect

  • Use of turn taking

  • Optimizing child motivation

  • Using positive affect

  • Adult sensitivity and responsivity to child

  • Using appropriate language to optimize communication development

  • Joint activities and elaboration

  • Transitioning between activities 

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